The Deer was very angry at the Rabbit for filing his teeth and determined to be
revenged, but he kept still and pretended to be friendly until the Rabbit was off
his guard. Then one day, as they were going along together talking, he
challenged the Rabbit to jump against him. Now the Rabbit is a great jumper, as
every one knows, so he agreed at once. There was a small stream beside the
path, as there generally is in that country, and the Deer said:
“Let’s see if you can jump across this branch. We’ll go back a piece, and then
when I say Kû! then both run and jump.”
“All right,” said the Rabbit. So they went back to get a good start, and when the
Deer gave the word Kû! they ran for the stream, and the Rabbit made one jump
and landed on the other side. But the Deer had stopped on the bank, and when
the Rabbit looked back the Deer had conjured the stream so that it was a large
river. The Rabbit was never able to get back again and is still on the other side.
The rabbit that we know is only a little thing that came afterwards.